How to Run an Effective Meeting


As an ICer, we have to arrange or attend various meetings, such as daily scrum meeting, R&D review meeting, project progress meeting, and all kinds of report meeting. However, These meetings occupied most of our working time. Attend meetings during the daytime and work overtime at night. So, It's important for us to learn to run effective meetings, which saves our and our team members' time.

Here summarize 7 rules. To make meetings more effective, we'd better:

  1. Make every meeting matter - or don't meet at all.
  2. Define goals and distribute agenda in advance.
  3. Own your meeting, take charge and keep your meeting moving forward.
  4. Get the constructive input you need from everyone present.
  5. Close with an Action plan, try to make sure that everyone leaves knowing the next step.
  6. Keep track of progress of things decided during the meeting.
  7. Make sure that your meeting didn't happen in isolation by letting the right people know what was decided and what will happen next.

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